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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping describes the practice of using an e-cigarette containing a coil with a resistance below 1 ohm. To put this in perspective, with regular vaping the coil resistance is usually somewhere between 1.5 to 3 ohms. 


Why Do People Sub-Ohm Vape? 

When a coil has less resistance, the coil heats up faster. This means that more e-liquid is vapourised which causes more flavour and thicker clouds. Many people prefer this method of vaping because the enhanced flavour will, of course, create a more enjoyable and powerful vaping experience. Many people also love creating large clouds - whether this is for personal enjoyment or for practising vape tricks. These people are often referred to as cloud chasers


How You Can Enhance Your Sub-Ohm Vaping Experience

When sub-ohm vaping, it’s important to understand how other factors will affect your experience. Namely, the coils you use, the wattage of your device, and the voltage of your battery.

Firstly, coils with a larger surface area will conduct more electrical current because of lower resistance, and thinner coils will do the opposite. This means that wider coils will increase the effects of sub-ohm vaping. 

Secondly, if you choose a higher wattage on your e-cigarette decide, this will also create more heat and therefore increase the sub-ohm experience. You will experience the increased flavour and thicker clouds to a further extent. 

Lastly, a higher voltage battery will also increase the sub-ohm vaping effects. This is because a higher battery voltage causes a higher wattage. However, if your vape coil has a higher resistance (so you aren’t sub-ohm vaping), this won’t be the case. 


Are There Any Risks to Sub-Ohm Vaping?

If you use good quality, professionally manufactured coils and vaping equipment, sub-ohm vaping is safe. 

Sometimes vapers will try to build their own coils or vape mods without fully understanding the process or how sub-ohm vaping really works. This can lead to them damaging their equipment and even injuring themselves. It’s important to remember that electricity is the main component in e-cigarettes and coils, so you should not be attempting to build your own equipment if you don’t fully understand the risks involved. 

Before sub-ohm vaping, you should also ensure that you understand how wattage, resistance, and voltage work together (which we explained briefly above). Once you understand this, you’ll be able to understand the best combinations and how to stay safe. 

Lastly, you should ensure that you don’t overheat the vape battery when sub-ohm vaping as this can be a strong culprit for safety hazards. 


The Best Equipment for Sub-Ohm Vaping


At Vape Simple, we have a whole section dedicated to tanks specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping. Here are a few of our favourites:


The Freemax Fireluke 3 Tank - £24.99

Capacity: 2ml

Coils: X1 0.15-Ohm and X2 0.2-Ohm (both included when you buy the tank). 

Other Features: Dual adjustable airflow, leak-resistant, supports high wattage devices.


The Horizontech Falcon 2 Tank -  £31.99

Capacity: 2ml

Coils: Horizontech Sector 0.14-Ohm (included when you buy the tank). 

Other Features: Adjustable airflow, easy coil changing, supports devices up to 75W, 510 connection is compatible with a wide range of vape devices. 


The Aspire Cleito 120 Pro Tank - £29.99

Capacity: 2ml

Coils: 0.16-ohm and 0.15-ohm mesh coils (both included when you buy the tank). 

Other Features: Adjustable airflow, easy refill, comes with the excellent Delrin drip tip.


Vape Mods 

When choosing a mod for sub-ohm vaping, anything with a dual battery that’s capable of a high wattage output is best. Here are a few of our favourites: 


Geekvape Aegis X Kit - £65.99

Max Power Output: 200W 

Batteries: Dual 18650 batteries (not included). 

Other Features: 2.4 inch OLED screen, water resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant. 


Vaporesso Gen S Kit - £65.99 

Max Power Output: 220W

Batteries: Dual 18650 batteries (not included). 

Other Features: Comes with the Vaporesso NRG-S Mini Tank, lightweight design, scratch resistant, 4 different vape settings including a battery saving mode.


VooPoo Drag 2 Refresh Edition - £65.99

Max Power Output: 177W

Batteries: Dual 18650 batteries (not included). 

Other Features: Comes with VooPoo the PnP Pod Tank, ultra-fast firing, temperature control, durable zinc-alloy construction. 


The Best E-Liquids for Sub-Ohm Vaping

With sub-ohm vaping, you want to use an e-liquid with a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 or 80/20. Some of our favourite e-liquid brands to try with sub-ohm vaping are:

Cheap Thrills 

Bad Habits


Mighty Mighty



These e-juice brands contain a wide range of sweet vape flavours, dessert flavours, fruity e-liquids, menthol vapes, tobacco juices, and more.

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