Guide to recycling your vape: How vaping can be eco-friendly

It’s no doubt that vaping is a far more eco-friendly alternative to smoking (not to mention being far better for your health!)

Did you know that cigarette butts are the world’s top plastic polluters? 2 thirds of the trillions of cigarette filters used each year are littered into the environment and not disposed of properly.

However, despite all of this, vaping is not perfect either. We do need to put in some effort and do our bit to ensure we are kind to the planet when we vape.

In this article, we will discuss how you can ensure your vaping habits are 100% eco-friendly. 

How do I recycle my vape?

Industrial plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental threats to our planet right now. Recycling your plastic waste properly is one of the most important things you can do. Of course, recycling paper, metal, and glass is also vital, but these materials do not have as much of a detrimental impact as plastic. So please, recycle your waste.

How do I recycle e-liquid bottles?

Empty e-liquid bottles are recyclable! Well, all of the ones made at Vape Simple are at least (and probably the vast majority of others - just check the box). The lid, the bottle, the outer packaging, and of course, the e-liquid box - everything can be recycled. Do not throw your old e-liquid bottles in the normal waste! Make sure the bottles are empty and rinsed of any old e-liquid residue before you recycle them - scroll down to see how you can properly dispose of old e-liquid. 

How to dispose of disposable vapes?

You can also recycle your old e-cigarettes and vape device parts. Follow these steps to dispose of your e-cigarette in an eco-friendly way:

  • Dismantle your e-cigarette - unscrew all separate components, remove the battery, remove the coil and separate any other metal parts.
  • Rinse out the tank so that there is no e-liquid residue - scroll down to see how you can properly dispose of old e-liquid. 
  • You can then recycle the glass and plastic parts in a glass and plastic recycling bin.
  • You must recycle the metal parts in a separate metal bin.
  • The battery must go in a designated battery recycling bin. Wholesale vape batteries are made on a large scale and should therefore be disposed of properly. 
  • And of course, all paper or cardboard e-cigarette packaging can be recycled too.

This process does require some level of effort. If you don’t want to go through this process, some companies actually offer recycling programmes specifically for complete e-cigarettes. You can save up your old vape devices and then send them to one of these companies. You may even receive rewards from the company in return for doing this! 

Disposing of unwanted e-liquid

If you buy an e-liquid and then find out you don’t like the flavour, you may want to throw it away… but you shouldn’t. E-liquid can pose a risk to the environment and to wildlife once this waste gets out into the world. 

Instead, you should dispose of your e-liquid properly and then recycle the bottle as we explained above. But first, see if any of your friends or family would like the e-liquid flavour! 

In some locations, you may be able to take/ send your e-liquid to an e-liquid disposal site. 

Alternatively, you can pour old e-liquid into an absorbent material such as cat litter, sawdust, or wood chippings. You should then put this into a biodegradable bag and throw this away with the normal waste. 

The best thing to do is just buy your e-liquids from Vape Simple - the flavours will be so good you won’t need to throw them out! 

Saving electricity with your e-Cigarette

Lots of methods of energy production create huge amounts of fossil fuels which are polluting and damaging to the environment, plus are contributing to fast climate change. So, of course, we need to be conscious of saving energy wherever we can. 

When it comes to vaping, you should aim to save as much power as you can. Turn your e-cigarette off when you aren’t using it to prolong the battery life as much as you can. In addition, you should only charge your vape device until it is full - do not leave it to charge overnight!

Not only will this preserve power, but it will also prevent damage to the battery caused by overcharging. 

Minimising your carbon footprint

If you’re based in the UK, you should buy your vape products from a UK vape manufacturer. Similarly, an American e-liquid manufacturer if you’re in the USA, and so forth. This reduces your logistical carbon footprint which is highly beneficial to the environment. 

Not only are Vape Simple a manufacturer of premium e-liquid for wholesale in the UK, but we are also working hard at becoming a carbon-neutral, and eventually a carbon-positive, workforce and vapor company. We are always looking for new ways to improve, such as using 100% recyclable materials, having a fully traceable supply chain & sourcing from local suppliers, and in the next few months, we are looking to join new schemes whereby we can plant trees with every sale we make. We are excited to become a carbon positive provider of wholesale vaping supplies in the UK. 

If you make your own coils…

Last of all, if you like rebuildable coils, then this also boosting your eco-friendly vaping! Building your own coils means there are fewer waste materials. You don’t need to throw away a whole premade coil - instead, you can simply replace the wire and cotton. 

It is so incredibly important to be eco-conscious in all aspects of life, and for many of us, vaping is a big part of that. Saving the planet is no joke. It’s something that we ALL need to take seriously. Otherwise, there is no going back. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and making the change to eco-conscious vaping.