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Browse our range of rechargeable vape batteries, designed to be used with vape mods. All accessories have been carefully selected by the experienced vapers here at Vape Simple, and all of our vape batteries are tested before sale to ensure quality control and safety. Whether you’re looking for the best long-lasting vape battery or a small vape battery to use on the go, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our collection.

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Find Your Next Rechargeable Vape Battery at Vape Simple

With any e-cigarette device, a battery is an important part of your vape kit. Vape batteries work by powering the coil to heat your e-liquid, turning it into the vapour you’re seeking. Ensuring your vape battery is a reliable power source is key to enhancing your vaping experience, which is why we stock a range of reputable brands as part of our collection – including Efest and Molicel. As a leading supplier of some of the best vape batteries in the UK, each of our products is tested before sale to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

Looking for the best rechargeable vape battery on the market? Or perhaps you’re more interested in finding an option that allows for greater wattage control? Whatever your preferences, our collection can be tailored to your vaping needs. Contact our customer support team today to find out more.

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