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  • Are there calories in vapes?

    If you’re worried that vaping might be the cause of some unwanted weight gain, it isn’t. As nice as it would be to blame something other than over-indulgence, you can’t point the finger at your vaping for those few extra pounds here and there. Sorry. Here we have a look at how e-liquids are made ... View Post
  • A Beginners guide to choosing the right e-liquid

    There are so many different e-liquid options available on the market - it can get a little confusing! A few factors need to be considered - at Vape Simple, we want to make this process as simple (ha... get it?) as possible! So, lets make the choosing process a little easier for you. We will go th... View Post
  • Does vaping make you tired?

    Some new vapers and even those vaping for longer remark that they feel tired or have sleepless nights. Is this because of vaping? Not entirely. Here we take a look at what might be causing you to feel tired when vaping. Vaping is a great way to get off tobacco cigarettes. According to health spec... View Post
  • Where can you vape in the UK?

    If you smoke traditional cigarettes, the rules are pretty straightforward. We all know that you aren’t allowed to smoke in most public places unless there is a designated smoking area. But with e-cigarettes, it’s a little more ambiguous. Vaping doesn’t create any second-hand smoke or offensive od... View Post
  • Can I travel with my vape?

    Can you take disposable vapes on a plane? What are the restrictions surrounding this? Can I bring e-liquid to another country? I’m sure the majority of vapers have searched for one of these things online before going away! It’s definitely a good idea to get clued up on the travel restrictions on ... View Post
  • Guide to recycling your vape: How vaping can be eco-friendly

    It’s no doubt that vaping is a far more eco-friendly alternative to smoking (not to mention being far better for your health!) Did you know that cigarette butts are the world’s top plastic polluters? 2 thirds of the trillions of cigarette filters used each year are littered into the environment a... View Post
  • How many nicotine shots should I add to my e-liquid?

    How To Make Your E-Liquid 1.5mg 25ml shortfill:  Add 1/4 of an 18mg nicotine shot. 50ml shortfill: Add 1/2 of an 18mg nicotine shot. 100ml shortfill: Add 1 x 18mg nicotine shot. How To Make Your E-Liquid 3mg 25ml shortfill:  Add 1/2 of an 18mg nicotine shot. 50ml shortfill: Add 1 x 18mg nico... View Post
  • Does e-Liquid expire: How long does it last?

    Sometimes we buy more than we need. Yep, we’ve all done it! We all know when food has expired, but what about e-liquids? Can they really ‘go off’, and what happens if they do?  Does e-Liquid expire? Short answer: yes, e-liquids do expire. However, it takes a very long time for this to happen. E-l... View Post