Hallelujah it is finally summer! Perfect time to jump on a plane and escape Monday’s deadlines. We’ve explored how to keep your vaping in shape in the heat but what about the restrictions when travelling around the world? Here’s your global guide from country to country about some of the vaping laws you should know!

Europe generally has no restrictions on the use of vaping products as long as they are not inside a public venue. The exception to this being Norway, here nicotine products are prohibited and so you’ll need to ensure your vape device caters to this.


Being probably the most difficult to pin-point, Africa has many varied and unclear laws surrounding vaping. In Southern Africa it seems that vaping is fully legal with the exception of regulations on nicotine containing products. The rest of Africa tends to have grey areas, most restricting the use of nicotine products or the sale of them. 


Restrictions vary widely across Asia, with China, it appears to be without restriction but this excludes Hong Kong where they have banned the sale of all vaping devices and are currently pushing to ban it completely. Japan has banned the use of liquid nicotine and Thailand has banned all vaping completely - with the risk of jail time if ignored! Joining Thailand is Cambodia, Lebanon, Philippines, Vietnam and parts of India. Overall, it is super important to research up-to-date laws when visiting anywhere in Asia.


South America
This continent is probably the strictest when it comes to vaping, with the majority of countries having a complete blanket ban of all vaping products and the rest discourage the use of them, with the possibility of fines being issued by authorities.


North America and Canada
Until recently, America had little to no restrictions on vaping but this all changed when San Francisco became the first US city to completely ban the use and sale of e-cigarettes. Canada only restricts its citizens to having to be over the age of 19 to vape. 


Although it allows the use and sale of vape products, Australia does have a ban on all nicotine liquids.


Don't Forget Customs!
Lastly, to use your new knowledge of overseas laws you will need to get to the destination with all your gear in one piece (and not confiscated!). Remember to keep your liquids below 100ml when in your carry-on luggage and all fit within the provided clear bag. It’s also important to note that airlines also have strict guidelines for batteries - according to the TSA “Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval, but are limited to two spare batteries per passenger. Loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags.”


We hope this guide has shed some light on the importance of checking local laws before travelling this summer and wish you all safe travels!


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Please note that the following information has been transcribed through our own research as of June 2019 and should not be taken as the law - always double check before flying.