Are there calories in vapes?

If you’re worried that vaping might be the cause of some unwanted weight gain, it isn’t. As nice as it would be to blame something other than over-indulgence, you can’t point the finger at your vaping for those few extra pounds here and there. Sorry. Here we have a look at how e-liquids are made and see if there are any calories in vapes or other e-cigarettes.

Do e-liquids contain calories?

E-liquids are predominantly made up of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol. Then the flavour is added using flavourings. These all contain a small amount of calories, at most 4 calories per gram. Some e-liquids use artificial sweeteners which will have more calories. Bear in mind you burn about 50 calories in one hour's sleep… So a measly 4 calories is hardly posing a threat to your waistline.

However, it doesn’t matter anyway. You only absorb calories by eating or drinking them. Not by inhaling them.

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Imagine if you gained weight from smelling food! Life would be very tricky indeed.

It is possible that a very, very, very small quantity of calories is absorbed while you vape as the moisture catches your throat and makes its way to your stomach. We are talking about such tiny quantities that would be quickly burnt off by standing up and sitting down a couple of times.

Here we quickly answer some FAQs that we get regarding calories and vaping:

Does vape increase your weight?

No, it doesn’t because the calories in the e-liquid can not be absorbed via the lungs, and if some are absorbed - for some reason - the levels are so tiny that it cannot possibly cause weight gain. Weight gain may come from the transition from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Some people report that they snack more as a result of quitting cigarettes.

Does vaping make you lose weight?

Conversely, if you have nicotine in your e-liquid, it might actually encourage a loss of appetite - not that we promote this as a way of losing weight.

Do disposables have calories?

Yes, they do. All e-liquids contain a small-to-negligible amount of calories, approximately 4 calories per gram. Some vape juices which use sweeteners may have more than that but none of these calories can be absorbed via vaping. The only way you can absorb calories is by eating or drinking them.

How many calories burn in vaping?

None. Zero. Zilch. Vaping is not a form of exercise and thus one cannot expect to burn calories by vaping. You neither absorb or burn calories while vaping.

How many calories in an elf bar?

There are about 10 calories per 2ml in an elf bar. This is about the same as a green salad with no condiments. Again, only a tiny quantity (if any) of this will be absorbed while vaping.

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The Bottom Line

E-liquids do contain calories but the amount absorbed (if any) is so negligible that you need to find another reason for unwanted weight gain. Vaping does not up your calorie count or reduce it.


Author: Tim Hutchinson