Why Is My Vape Leaking/ Spitting/ Popping?

Why Is My Vape Leaking/ Spitting/ Popping?

Most vapers will have experienced one of these issues in the past. It can be super annoying when your e-liquid leaks, and super unpleasant when you experience spitback of hot e-liquid through the mouthpiece! However, there are ways to avoid these problems altogether. Lets go over the most common reasons why your vape could be leaking, spitting, or popping, and how you can fix the issue. 

1. Improper Filling of the Tank

The tank is the portion of your vape that holds the e-liquid. There will usually be a chimney running through the middle of the tank up towards the mouthpiece of your device. It is important that, when filling your tank, you do not get e-liquid inside this chimney. Some newer devices are designed in such a way that you can avoid this possibility altogether. 

  • If your device is not designed like this, there is a certain technique to filling your tank that will help to minimise the chance of you spilling e-liquid into the chimney. Tilt your tank slightly, and pour the liquid so that it runs down the side away from the chimney; similar to how you would pour a glass of beer. 

  • Don’t overfill your tank. You should leave it partly empty, as the air will create a vacuum which essentially helps to hold the liquid in the chamber. 

  • If you do accidentally get e-liquid in the chimney of your device, you can clean it out with a cotton bud or some rolled up tissue. 

2. A Flooded Vape Coil

Having a flooded coil will cause the e-liquid to spit back up through the chimney and into the mouthpiece. This can cause a popping or gurgling sound, reduce the airflow, and give you a pretty nasty surprise when you try to inhale! 

  • Don’t over prime your coil. This is the action of putting a small amount of e-liquid into the coil in order to add some moisture; this will stop the wick from overheating and burning. However, if you add too much e-liquid when priming your coil, it can cause flooding which will lead to spitback. 

  • Use the correct coil for your e-liquid. If you use a higher PG e-liquid, your coil should have a higher resistance (above 1 ohm). If you use a higher VG e-liquid, your coil should have a lower resistance (below 1 ohm). If you get this wrong, it may cause the coil to clog up too quickly or flood. 

  • If your vape is gurgling and popping, you can temporarily increase the wattage of your device in order to remove the excess liquid. Fire your device button a few times (without putting your mouth over the mouthpiece!) until the gurgling sounds begin to lessen. Then, you can return the wattage to your normal setting. 

  • Ensure your coil is securely screwed in. if your coil is not properly connected, it can cause e-liquid to leak. 

  • If none of these solutions work, you may need to replace your coil altogether. If it is a fairly new coil - and therefore you feel as though you shouldn’t have to replace it yet - it might be because the coil is faulty. 


causes of a leaking spitting vape

3. Damaged O Rings

O rings are the rubber rings found at the top and bottom of the tank. They are designed to provide an air seal, which will essentially prevent your e-liquid from leaking.

  • Check that your o rings are in good condition; there should be no sign of ripping or damage. If there is damage, replace them. In order to avoid damaging these o rings, do not screw the components of your device together too tightly. 

4. Leaving Your Device in a Horizontal Position

Leaving your device in a horizontal position for long periods of time can cause the e-liquid to start leaking out of airflow holes. Your device should be alright if you do this occasionally, but try to keep it vertical as often as you can

5. An Old, Uncleaned Tank

Having a build up of e-liquid residue inside your tank can cause problems with the air seal, which can cause it to leak. Try to clean your tank regularly by rinsing it out with cold water, and letting it air dry. 

6. An Improperly Tightened Device

Ensuring your device is tightened up properly can be a quick fix for a leaking vape. Make sure the top of the tank, the base of the tank, the coil, etc, are all screwed up to the right amount; the details on each component should line up properly with one another. This will prevent the parts from being too loose, and too tight. If the parts are screwed together too tightly, this can damage the o rings like we mentioned earlier. 

7. Inhaling Too Hard

And finally… you might just be inhaling too hard! Drawing too firmly and quickly on your vape can cause the liquid to pull into the coil faster than it can be vaporised. This means you might suck up liquid through the chimney, rather than vapour. Instead, try to inhale slowly and softly.