| Andy Staples

4 Must-Have Vape Accessories

As a vaper, it’s much more enjoyable and easy to use your e-cigarette when you’ve got all the kit you need. There are a few different vape accessories that are simply must-haves for every e-cig user. 

Ensuring you are prepared with the right accessories from good-quality, reliable brands will make your whole vaping experience far smoother!

In this article, we will be listing the easy vape accessories you need, and linking some of the best ones to buy. 


1. Vape Batteries and Chargers

If you have a vape pen or pod system e-cigarette, you will usually be able to charge it up directly. In this case, you won’t need to buy any batteries, but you will need a vape charger. These will come in the kit when you buy your vape.

With most mod e-cigarette devices, you’ll need to buy a separate battery. Vape batteries work by powering the coil to heat your e-liquid, turning it into the vapour you’re seeking. 

Ensuring your vape battery is a reliable power source is key to enhancing your vaping experience. This is why you should always aim to buy high-quality, long-lasting batteries.

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You’ll also need a vape battery charger. These will usually hold multiple batteries, so a great thing to do is buy a few vape batteries and charge them all up at once. This way, you’ll be able to keep your vape going by switching out the batteries without having to wait for one to charge.

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2. Vape Coils 

All e-cigarettes use coils, and these will need replacing roughly every couple of weeks, depending on how much you use your vape. 

If you use a pod system vape that has replaceable pods (rather than refillable pods), then the coil will usually be a part of this pod replacement. Therefore, you will not need to buy separate coils as well. 

When buying vape coils, you need to ensure they are compatible with your e-cigarette device. You can find out this information online, or by speaking to an expert

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3. Vape Tank Glass

Vape tank glass is an excellent thing to have, just in case accidents happen! 

If you drop your vape and the tank breaks, it’s nice to have a replacement pyrex glass vape tank ready in your kit. Otherwise, you’ll have to make your way to a vape shop or order one online and wait until at least the following day.

Replacement pyrex glass vape tanks are also great if you want to size up your vape tank so that it will hold more e-liquid.

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4. Vape Tools and Vape Cotton

Now, this is for those of you who like to build your own coils. In order to enhance your vaping experience with coil-building, a set of tools is absolutely vital. 

If you don’t build your own coils, this isn’t necessary. However, even if you aren’t building your own coils, a vape tool kit can be super helpful for dealing with any problems that might arise with your standard vape kit or mod.

Cotton is absolutely vital when building coils - it threads around the coil wires and acts as wicking material to absorb your e-liquid. This is then heated up by the wires in your coil in order to produce vapour. If you don’t build your own coils, then you’ll have no use for vape cotton.

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