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  • Vaporesso Luxe with SKRR Starter Kit

Vaporesso Luxe with SKRR Starter Kit

What's NEW?

Vaporesso LUXE combines elegant aesthetics with beastly power. LUXE has a 2", full-view TFT screen with a touch panel that gives you a much wider and smother space. Insta-fire technology delivers a fire time of 0.001s and the OMNI-Board 4.0 with 2.5A ultra fast charging capabilities make this the perfect vaping engine.

The LUXE kit comes supplied with the SKRR tank, boasting a powerful new quadflow air distribution system. Quadflow guarantees a phenomenal vaping experience by keeping cold drafts out, eliminating spit back and minimising leakage issues.

Breathtaking Display

Open up your view with this stunning, edge to edge TFT display

Innovative QF Air Distribution System

Supercharge your clouds with SKRR’s new QF Coils, for more flavourful and denser clouds than ever!

No more spit back

The QF Coil’s bullet-shaped inner structure controls air flow to prevent liquid from coming up through the drip tip.

Best leak protection on the market

Spend less time cleaning, More time vaping. Combining the use of airflow and an internal reservoir means minimised leaking