Honest Hemp E-liquid

CBD vape juices provide you with a very different experience to using CBD oils. CBD oils tend to have a bioavailability of about 15%, which means that 15% of the CBD you ingest will reach the bloodstream. When you choose CBD vape oil, you are bypassing what is known as the ‘first-pass effect’. In other words, the CBD does not need to be digested or pass through the liver.

Instead, it goes straight into the lungs and diffuses into the bloodstream. This can allow up to four times as much CBD to have an effect, meaning the bioavailability of CBD oil e-liquids can reach 50-60%. Additionally, you could potentially feel the effects up to 60 minutes faster! What’s more, our pure CBD vape oils come in a choice of four delicious flavour varieties, meaning there is something to suit every individual’s taste.

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