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A 'Bo'dacious little device!!

Bo Vaping One Kit

We have been up to our usual tricks and have so much in store for this year ahead, from new liquid brands to a new look and everything else in between.

One of the products we are excited about is the new Bo Vaping One Kit. This awesome little device is brand new to the market and we are so happy to have be able to bring it forward for all of you guys and gals. This wicked little device is a quick and easy to use enclosed capsule system ecigarette with a sleek design and an unbeatable price point.




Each Bo kit consists of a Bo vaporiser, two Bo Capsule 100% French and certified by AFNOR. Weighing only 22 grams and with a 1.5ml capsule capacity, Bo vaping is the light alternative to traditional vaping. It has a battery capacity of 380mAh, using only a minimal amount of power each time it’s used lasting over a day of constant use. Elegantly finished with ceramic coating and a USB magnet charger for ease of charging. 



Coming over the next month will be many Bo accessories including the Bo Charging case. A simple portable charging case that allows you to charge on the go and has the room to hold spare capsules. Other accessories include a new long lead charger so you can use the Bo device whilst on charge in the most inconvenient of places. 




All in all, we love this funky little device and are so happy to have it on board and make it available to all the new vapers out there that are just starting to use e-cigarettes as this is a perfect device for you. It is also a great buy for any experienced vapers as we all know from time to time you need that extra nicotine hit when your not all cloud chasing and also that sneaky little stealth vape when you are out and about.

Make sure you snap one of these up soon as they are already flying out the door.


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