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The Best Vape Tanks for 2021

Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re looking for an upgrade to your current e-cigarette, finding the best vape tank for your personal needs is very important. So, what are the best tanks for vaping? In this article, we will discuss some of the top vape tanks on the market in 2021 to help you make the right decision. 

The Best Vape Tank for Beginners

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you are probably wondering - what is the best vape tank for beginners, like me? As a beginner to vaping, you want something that is simple, easy to use, and high-quality. You’ll probably be after the best vape tank that doesn’t leak, doesn’t require extensive vaping knowledge to use, and will last a long time. For this, we recommend the Aspire K3 Tank. 

The Aspire K3 Tank

This tank is compatible with the very popular Aspire Nautilus coils and any battery with a 510 style connection area. Both these coils and these batteries are very easy to source, making this a great choice for beginners. If you’re unsure of the connection style of your battery, search online or ask somebody in your local vape shop. 

This tank is ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, which is the style of vaping that replicates smoking a traditional cigarette. This is the way that most beginners will choose to vape. The stainless steel construction and pyrex glass mean this tank is sturdy and resilient to damage or abrasive e-liquids. Plus, its excellent design means it’s leak-resistant. 

The Best Vape Tank for Flavour

If strong and powerful flavour delivery is what you’re after, then this is for you. After you’ve bought a selection of delicious e-liquids, whether fruity flavours, dessert vapes, or tobacco e-liquids, you want your tank to deliver this to you properly. This is where so much of the enjoyment of vaping comes from! For this, we would recommend the Horizontech Falcon 2 Tank. 

The Horizontech Falcon 2 Tank

This tank is, without a doubt, the best tank in the UK for flavour delivery. It’s ideal for sub-ohm vaping and is designed specifically for increased cloud production and flavour production. The Falcon 2 is best for intermediate to advanced vapers, but anyone can use it!

The specially designed mesh coils that go in this tank can be used up to 75W and are excellent for maximising clouds and flavour. Plus, the 510 connection means this tank can be paired with a huge selection of devices. 

This tank has been made with high-quality materials and solid construction, meaning it is long-lasting and super resilient to damage. Plus, the sliding top cap makes it super easy to refill with your favourite e-liquids. 

The Best Small Vape Tank

Many vapers like to have a small, compact device that can be carried around easily. Whether this is your only e-cigarette, or it’s an additional one specifically for use on-the-go, small vape tanks are a great thing to have. For this, we recommend the VooPoo PnP Tank. 

The VooPoo PnP Tank

This tank is a brilliant device that can be used as a tank or a pod, depending on your preference. It is designed to be used with the Drag S and Drag X devices, but can also be used with most other 510 mods. 

The PnP tank is compatible with PnP coils which provide thick vapour production and a loose, airy vape which many people prefer. This tank is best suited to more experienced vapers. 

The Best All-Day Vape Tank

You want your vape to last all day long - especially if you are out and about and can’t afford to be wasting time trying to solve problems with your device. If you like to vape throughout the day, you may be wondering: what is the best tank for chain vaping? We would recommend the Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank. 

The Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank

This tank provides a super-compact, functional, and high-quality design making it the best vape tank for all-day vaping. With 5 refined airflow choices, you can achieve your own desired vaping experience from this tank. The smooth airflow is excellent for nicotine salt e-liquids, freebase e-liquids, and high VG e-liquids. 

The Best New Vape Tanks

Sometimes, you just want something truly brand new! Often, the latest launches and newest additions to the vaping marketplace are the best vape tanks to buy, simply because they are more refined. For something new, we would recommend the Uwell Crown 5 Tank. 

The Uwell Crown 5 Tank

This sub-ohm tank features self-cleaning technology - a new feature that we are all in need of! Plus, you can fine-tune your inhale with adjustable airflow in order to suit your personal preferences. Lastly, This tank is compatible with a range of Crown 5 coils and has a 510 connection meaning it can be paired with a large variety of mods. 

At Vape Simple, our expert team has carefully selected a range of vape tanks for the most reliable, high-quality, leak-free options. Click here to check out the full collection!

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