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Now Stocking CBD!


You may have seen us shouting about our new CBD products - well we are excited to announce we are now stocking it in our Crawley store!

Honest Hemp

Honest Hemp is a pioneering British grower of organic industrial hemp and a trusted producer and supplier of superior cannabidiol products. Priding ourselves on principles of quality, sustainability and above all honesty we source only organic ingredients from ethical suppliers to create a CBD range and lifestyle choice which doesn’t cost the earth.


We use a detailed extraction technique that enables us to strip out any unwanted cannabinoids and isolate the relevant ones, leaving our products with only those containing the best health benefits. Our products are a mix of full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. Simply put, this dictates the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids within the product. We ensure that our products comply with the strict legal guidelines and are also 0% THC. 

CBD Uses

The benefits of CBD are constantly being discussed and the list is constantly growing with people discovering new advantages of using it. People have come forward to state CBD is helping them with various ailments including mental illness (particularly stress and anxiety), chronic pain, insomnia and muscle recovery! Although CBD is not officially registered as a medicine for these, the amount of positive responses speak for themselves!


How To

Honest Hemp currently stocks tinctures, edibles and e-liquids products. It will be down to personal preference when it comes to deciding which works best for you. Tinctures are the CBD oil products that use a pipette to drop the oil either under your tongue or into shakes, drinks and foods. Our edibles come in the form of gummies and our e-liquids are for vape devices. 



Our Honest Hemp e-liquids come in 4 flavours, strawberry, mango, mint menthol and natural hemp! You gain all the benefits of CBD but through your vape device and with some of your favourite flavours. These come in 10ml bottles and in 3 strengths, 100, 300 and 600MG so that you can choose your dosage; we recommend starting off with the least and working your way up.

Cali Cush

We also have our California inspired brand Cali Cush in stock! This e-liquid is a favourite for it’s more natural taste mixed with some creative flavours; Girl Scout Cookies, Mango Cush, Lavender and Tropic Thunder. These liquids also contain terpenes which gives it a more authentic hemp taste and aroma and also work to boost the effects of the CBD.

You can find out more about Honest Hemp and Cali Cush on our website https://www.honesthemp.co.uk/ - AND if you can’t make it down to our store you can also purchase these products online!

High Hemp

We have also branched out into superfood snacks just to fulfil the true hemp experience. With all the benefits, these hemp seeds are packed full of protein and perfect to eat as they are or blended to a dust and sprinkled over foods and shakes. Definitely a new taste experience that everyone should try!

As always, our retail manager is on-hand to answer any of your questions and we would love for you to come down and try the products and tell us what you think!




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