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Summer is fast approaching - although in the UK we have our doubts - and it’s a good time to get clued up on some things that are often overlooked when vaping in the heat.


Prepare for surprises!

Everyone gets caught up in the summer feeling and it’s important to be ready for any last minute plans! Make sure to have extra liquids, batteries and a charger on you to avoid being caught off guard when your day trip carries on throughout the night. Keep in mind that some devices are better travel companions than others, portability is key - we love the Aspire AVP Kit and it’s leak-free spring loaded valve.


Keep your e-liquids out of the sun!

When mixed with heat, a chemical reaction is triggered and your e-liquids can start to change or lose flavour. People have often reported their liquid tasting ‘watery’ following a heatwave, this is due to the liquid being thinned when hot and not exactly what you want after a long day of pretending to enjoy the annual family BBQ. This can also lead to leaks so be prepared to give your device a few additional cleans.


Remember your batteries

Lithium ion batteries are particularly important to keep out of direct sunlight. If these overheat it can affect a battery’s performance drastically and it can also shorten their life. Avoid leaving batteries in hot cars and try to store in a cool, dry place where possible. We recommend charging them at home before any road trips and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a beach, take care to keep them (and your device!) tucked away when not in use.


Nothing to declare!

It’s important to research the regulations of your airlines, airports and destinations to avoid having anything taken off you. Most airlines haven’t reported any additional restrictions on top of their regular liquid laws (Under 100ml) for e-liquids but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to follow these points and hopefully the only clouds you see will be the ones you bring. Here’s to a great summer and any questions don’t forget to email retail@svclabs.co!


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