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Cheap Thrills E-Liquids Review

Cheap Thrills e-liquids was the first brand ever created by the team at Vape Simple HQ. Back in 2014 when the in-house e-liquid production company was first starting up at a small office in Brighton UK, the Cheap Thrills range was born. This launch went incredibly well - people absolutely LOVED the Cheap Thrills range, and they still do to this day! 

Believe it or not, the very day that Cheap Thrills e-liquid was launched, the well-known song Cheap Thrills by Australian singer Sia was also launched! This occurred entirely by chance… almost as if it was written in the stars.


cheap thrills e liquid


Within 1 year of launching, the Vape Simple team had to expand to a larger facility in order to keep up with the success of their range. This is what led to where they are today - with more and more successful brand launches.

Almost 7 years later, people are still obsessed with those same 3 Cheap Thrills flavours. I want to understand the hype, and so in this article, I will be trying and reviewing the Cheap Thrills e-liquid flavours. 


cheap thrills rush rush yayo e liquid

Cheap Thrills - Rush Rush Yayo

E-Liquid Flavour Notes: Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry. 

The first e-liquid that I will be testing is Rush Rush Yayo. Personally, I am a HUGE lover of fruit vape flavours. However, I am a little picky - an e-liquid flavour must be bold and impactful enough for me to become a true fan! 

My first impression upon the first inhale was just how wonderfully refreshing this vape flavour is. Secondly, just how sweet and juicy the fruit notes are - these definitely come through boldly. 

The distinctive and fresh watermelon taste is unmistakable. Anyone in their right mind will love the flavour of watermelon, and this fruity vape juice certainly does it justice. 

The second-most prominent flavour in this e-liquid is the apple. I must say, this is probably the first e-liquid flavour I’ve tried with an apple flavour that actually tastes like an apple! It’s a perfect mixture of sweetness with the slight touch of sourness for that wonderfully distinct apple flavour. It reminds me of my favourite apple juice brand - a brand that is understandably overpriced and I therefore only drink on certain occasions! 

Lastly, the strawberry flavour in this e-liquid kicks in with a huge punch of sugary sweetness. This really finishes off the summery vibe of this vape flavour, with the succulent ripeness of the strawberries transporting my mind to a sunny poolside afternoon. 

The flavours in this fruity e-liquid are all very real. They don’t taste like artificial e-liquid flavourings and are instead reminiscent of a freshly pressed fruit juice or a mixed cocktail. This e-juice is blended incredibly well - all three fruit flavours meld together perfectly for an overall sweet and fruity vape that is undeniably fantastic.  

Plus, this vape is intense… in a good way. The flavour notes come through with power and abundance, unlike some other vaping liquids on the market which can be fairly bland and unexciting. This just might be the best fruit vape in the UK!

When paired with a brand new coil, I simply can’t get enough of this flavour. I’m struggling to put it down!

I want to vape Rush Rush Yayo all day, but nonetheless, I must go onto the next flavour… 


cheap thrills sunset strip e liquid

Cheap Thrills - Sunset Strip 

E-Liquid Flavour Notes: Blueberry, Blackberry, Orange. 

Next, we have Sunset Strip - another fruity vape that I am very excited about! The name suggests that this will be a summery flavour, and it is exactly that. However, with my taste, I will certainly be vaping this all-year-round. 

Upon the inhale of this e-juice, I immediately felt as if I was tucking into a fruit platter filled with refreshing, juicy, sweet goodness. 

First up in this fruit flavoured e-liquid, you have the distinctive sweetness from the blueberries. I can almost feel the juice exploding as if I’ve bitten into the real fruit on the inhale - incredible. 

Next, I am graced with a tart, sweet, juicy flavour from the blackberries. It feels like a perfectly soft and succulent fruit picked straight from a blackberry bush in the middle of Summer! 

Lastly, this vape flavour is finished off with the perfect cherry on top of the cake… although in this case, it is an orange, not a cherry. Imagine this - it’s a hot summer’s day, you’ve just finished an intense childhood round of tennis, and one of the mums comes over with a perfect plate of freshly sliced oranges. That intensely refreshing, tart, sweet-citrus is exactly what you get from this vape! 

These flavours blend perfectly together in this fruit e-liquid for the optimum balance of sweetness and citrus. As a very well-seasoned fruit vaper, I feel as if I’m qualified to say that this vape is exceptional.


cheap thrills glory glaze e liquid

Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze

E-Liquid Flavour Notes: Doughnut, Blueberry. 

Next, we have a nice switch-up from the fruit vape flavours. Although I would normally choose fruit vapes over dessert vapes, after trying this flavour, I think I might be a forever-changed woman!

Firstly, I can taste the freshly baked sugary goodness of the doughnut. It genuinely tastes like the real thing, to the point I can almost feel the warmth from it recently leaving the fryer! 

The hint of blueberry hits with tart sweetness on the inhale and this works absolutely perfectly. It tastes like the doughnut is filled with a blueberry filling or topped with a blueberry icing. 

I’ve often dreamed of being able to indulge in sugar-coated sweet treats without the excess of calories and sugar - this vape flavour is the answer! On the exhale, the sugar glaze flavour is incredible. Honestly, my sweet-tooth has never been so satisfied by a vape. 

This is definitely the best dessert vape flavour I’ve tried. It doesn’t have the artificial sweetness that you can sometimes get from other dessert vape juices. Instead, it tastes like a genuine freshly prepared doughnut from your favourite bakery store. 

It’s safe to say that I’ll be vaping this flavour for the rest of the day and on many more cold Winter’s mornings! 


cheap thrills vape

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear to see that I am very, very impressed with the Cheap Thrills e-liquid range. It’s small but sweet. I can tell that lots of time and thought were put into developing every one of these flavours to the point of perfection - this may be why the range is fairly small. 

However, the Cheap Thrills creators have blessed us with many more brands since then. The direct extensions of the Cheap Thrills range include Miami Drippers, Bang Bang Juice, and Bad Habits. I’ll be sure to try all of these brands after having such an excellent experience today! 

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