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Vape E-liquid Mixing - Behind the Scenes

Our aim here at Vape Simple is, well, simple - we want to remove the clutter and confusion from an over-branded marketplace and replace it with style and substance, complemented by a quality vaping product and a cleaner lifestyle choice.

Everything we do here at the Vape Simple HQ is centred around quality, from conceptualising ideas for flavours to packaging up our product to send to our customers. In between these stages is perhaps our most important process - e-liquid mixing.

To ensure that we are offering the best product possible, we take a careful approach throughout our entire procedure, testing over and over to make sure we are constantly improving our vape liquid range. 

We followed John - our head mixologist - through his day at the Vape Simple HQ as he experimented with new flavours, to offer you a bit more of an insight into our process and our dedication towards achieving maximum quality in our output...



How long is the process of coming up with the vaping idea and producing the final e-liquid?

This really is dependent upon a few factors. The flavours that are created will go through different stages of research, the first being in-house taste testing. I need to feel how the flavours are working together - is there something missing in the recipe? This is all about what direction the juice is taking.

Stage Two is where we take the research to a third party, we hold group taste sessions to gain valuable information on everything one would like to know about a juice, vapour production, smoothness and, of course, taste.

This process really takes as long as it needs to take. I like to take my time to ensure the e-liquid created reflects the time and flavour development we have given to each new product.



Where do you draw inspiration for the e-liquid flavours?

Much of my inspiration comes from listening to people! Everyone has a different take on a juice they would like to vape and I like the challenge to create it.

Equally, I just love to sit at the mixing station with the headphones on and play with the flavours. This is important to me to just play.


How do you ensure quality throughout the procedure?

Quality of product is, of course, the most important part of the process.

All e-liquid's are created in our 'Clean Room' where all staff wear protective laboratory clothing. This is to ensure a product is free from any possible contaminants. A detailed quality check is done throughout the whole process from first creating an e-liquid to a product that’s ready for sale.



How did you start mixing vaping juice?

Quite simply, I started mixing because of my love for e-liquid. I smoked for some fifteen years and tried to quit in a number of ways - cold turkey, patches, and so on. Vaping for me has been the most effective way - I stopped smoking within two weeks and I haven’t looked back.

I really love to make e-liquid that people enjoy and, if I can help in any little way to move people from smoking to vaping, then my job is complete!


Can we look forward to more flavours from Vape Simple in the near future?

Absolutely, I am currently finalising a few recipes and we will be good to go very shortly!



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